Eco Friendly

We are committed to providing quality rural tourism

We at Ballyhoura Forest Luxury Homes are committed to

We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and here we set out some examples of what we have done to achieve this:

Built by Griffner

Our homes were built by Griffner Austria. Griffner build homes in an eco-frienly way:
Man and his environment are for Griffner the measure of all things: Griffner therefore only uses natural materials in its homes. They guarantee a healthy, low-emission room climate and can be incorporated in the cycle of nature at the end of their life without leaving any residue.

Green Design. In harmony with man and Nature.
For our houses Griffner only used timber from sustainably managed domestic forests. Combining it with cork and cellulose for insulation, living environments are created that are truly natural. With their timeless aesthetic appeal and outstanding workmanship our homes will also satisfy the requirements of coming generations.

Investment in the future.
Assuring quality of life is a key concern of Griffner. Griffner only used renewable raw materials for our homes in order to preserve a natural living environment for future generations.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – your environmental guarantee

We have award winning Varde stoves in all our homes. Varde is the first stove manufacturer in the Nordic countries to have been awarded the official Nordic environmental certificate: the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The label is an environmental stamp of approval for both the finished product and the way in which it has been manufactured. Certification was achieved only after a tough and demanding series of environmental tests of selected stoves and Varde Ovne's entire production system.

The award of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel also represents a major consumer advantage: if you own, use or decide to buy a Varde Ovne stove with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you will also be making or have made an active contribution to the environment.

Roof: Majestic Slate Traditional

Ballyhoura Forest Luxury Homes sourced these special award winning Slates from America. Majestic Slate Tiles offer the natural beauty of slate while providing enhanced strength and durability. Featuring a 50-year Gold Star or limited materials warranty and available with a 100 mph wind warranty, Majestic Slate tiles provide enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions, including wind, driving rain and hail. Manufactured from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic, Majestic Slate tiles offer an environmentally friendly, lightweight alternative to traditional slate roofing products.

EcoStar® Majestic Slate™ Tiles Win PCBC Cool Products Competition
EcoStar, a leading manufacturer of steep-slope roofing products, recently won an award in the 2009 PCBC Annual Cool Products Competition for its 10-inch Majestic Slate™ roofing tiles. The synthetic slate tiles were named the winning product of the Conserves Natural Resources category.

Manufactured with 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic, EcoStar Majestic Slate tiles produce minimal impact on the environment and do not require the mining of hills, unlike traditional slate products. Because of the recycled content, the manufacture of Majestic Slate tiles also utilizes tons of material annually that would otherwise end up in landfills.

EcoStar tiles are manufactured with minimal limestone fillers, allowing them to withstand years of UV exposure while providing enhanced aesthetics and long-term durability. With increased strength and durability, Majestic Slate tiles offer increased protection from hail, driven rain and high winds, and are available with a 50-year transferable Gold Star warranty and a 110-mph wind warranty.

"This award is a significant achievement for EcoStar," said General Manager Michael McAuley. "It has always been our goal to provide the highest-quality product while preserving our environment and its resources."


All floors are solid oak wood in Ballyhoura Forest Luxury Homes and are made by Junckers, Denmark. Solid oak floors cover the complete homes with the exception of the Bathrooms.